2022 Symposium

Our Symposium is set for Saturday, May 15 in Plano, Texas! The Texas Isshinryu Karate Kai Dojo of Sensei Tracy Dickie is hosting.

The Symposium presents topics at the black belt level from a variethy of arts. That means our event is not suitable for beginners. We recommend brown belt level and higher, so that you get the full benefit of what is being shared.

Here are the topics and instructors for this year:

How Martial Arts Instructors Can Improve Self-defense Training

Meg Hinkley
Diane Ortenzio-Cooling

Teaching Improvised Weapons

Master Diane Ortenzio

15 Minutes a Day
For Life-long Activity
in the Martial Arts

Shihan Tina Palos


Classroom Management for
Children’s Martial Arts

Sensei Kimberly Platt

Practical Goal Setting

Master Lisethe Salcido

Hotel: The Aloft Richardson

Event Location:

2621 Summit Ave, #300, Plano, TX 75074