About the Partnership

2019 Symposium

The Partnership of Women Martial Artists began as an idea in 2017 as a way to bring women together and share their martial arts expertise and to gain exposure to other arts.

How great would it be for a stand-up fighter to work with a groundfighting teacher? A judo-ka to enhance their skills with weapon applications? A teacher with great success in teaching kids to share what works best for their classes and what doesn’t? This isn’t about changing our core art…it’s about enhancing our knowledge by experiencing another arts’ approach.

As of 2019, the directors of the Partnership are Master Diane Ortenzio-Cooling and Sensei Mary Holmes-Norman. We have some big goals for POWMA:

  • Expand our event to a full weekend
  • Offer training opportunities to sharpen our martial skills, business skills for our dojo, and network with some pretty badass women!
  • Formally become a non-profit organization
  • Develop scholarships for young women to attend who otherwise might not be able to afford it

So stay tuned by adding your email address to our mailing list!